Superfood Banana Porridge with Toasted Nuts

A delicious superfood porridge with toasted nuts, chia, flax and fresh fruit.

Wholewheat Chia Pancakes

Just as weekends are for relaxing, Sunday's should be for pancakes. Using minimal staple ingredients and a little imagination, I created this delicious pancake stack oozing with agave syrup, fresh blueberries, banana and a cinnamon dusting. From bowl to pan to plate in under 30 minutes, this easy breakfast is great for any occasion! Serves 2 … Continue reading Wholewheat Chia Pancakes

An Interview With Leila Buffery

With a shared love for Soya flat whites, blogging and all things Vegan, I jumped at the chance to meet the wonderful Vlogger, cake baker and recipe maker Leila Buffery for a coffee and chat. As we are both living in Brighton; to our surprise we live on the same road in fact, we were only a … Continue reading An Interview With Leila Buffery

Overnight Raw Chia Pudding

This overnight chia pudding is incredibly easy and nutritious. Packed full of essential vitamins such as Omega-3, fibre, magnesium and calcium, this little seed is definitely an ancient super food. With minimal ingredients and little to no prep time needed, there are no excuses when it comes to creating this as a dessert or for … Continue reading Overnight Raw Chia Pudding

Clean Eating At The Bowl, Berlin | Review

  The Friedrichshain district of East Berlin is home to the clean eating restaurant The Bowl. Located not far from the Warschauer Straße station, this plant based eatery sits above the Veganz supermarket and Goodies health food cafe. Upon arrival you are greeted by an abundance of natural light, peaking through the south facing windows, shining onto the … Continue reading Clean Eating At The Bowl, Berlin | Review

Eating Vegan In Berlin: Snack Haul Review

Travelling whilst following a Vegan diet can be challenging for many. Holiday's are a time for relaxation, going on adventures, trying new cuisines and of course treating ourselves. Us plant-based foodies wouldn't be human if we didn't crave challenge free shopping trips where we can pick up any chocolate bar, indulgent dessert, oven-cook pizza or savoury snack … Continue reading Eating Vegan In Berlin: Snack Haul Review