Superfood Banana Porridge with Toasted Nuts

A delicious superfood porridge with toasted nuts, chia, flax and fresh fruit.

Overnight Raw Chia Pudding

This overnight chia pudding is incredibly easy and nutritious. Packed full of essential vitamins such as Omega-3, fibre, magnesium and calcium, this little seed is definitely an ancient super food. With minimal ingredients and little to no prep time needed, there are no excuses when it comes to creating this as a dessert or for … Continue reading Overnight Raw Chia Pudding

Supergreen Smoothie Bowl with Chia & Spirulina

When adding avocado to a green juice, it becomes extremely thick and the consistency is yoghurt-like. This morning, with half an avocado to spare, I turned my green juice into a smoothie bowl. Adding oats to this nutritious super green bowl adds both fibre and protein along with your daily omega 3 kick with a … Continue reading Supergreen Smoothie Bowl with Chia & Spirulina

Superfood Supergreen Energy Boost Juice

  I didn't believe that I would soon give in to buying a top quality blender nor find excitement each morning in making a 'green juice' to begin my day.¬†Following a plant-based diet, if followed correctly, can reap hundreds of benefits not only for your health¬†but for your skin, immune system, mood; the list goes … Continue reading Superfood Supergreen Energy Boost Juice