5 Easy Vegan Breakfasts

Here are five delicious, nutritious and easy vegan breakfast ideas that will start the day off in a positive way. Whether you are in a rush, have time to mindfully eat or like to switch up your routine throughout the week, give one of these a go, you won't regret it! Featuring tofu scramble, green smoothies and smashed avocado on toast.

Wholewheat Chia Pancakes

Just as weekends are for relaxing, Sunday's should be for pancakes. Using minimal staple ingredients and a little imagination, I created this delicious pancake stack oozing with agave syrup, fresh blueberries, banana and a cinnamon dusting.¬†From bowl to pan to plate in under 30 minutes, this easy breakfast is great for any occasion! Serves 2 … Continue reading Wholewheat Chia Pancakes

Vegan Caramelised Pear, Cinnamon & Maple Porridge

Call me strange but I am a lover of underripe fruit. Be it a pear, a plum, a nectarine, peach, you name it, I love my fruit to have a crunch. Yet, when your piece of fruit ripens faster than you can eat it, you have to allow creativity to take over. My overripe pear … Continue reading Vegan Caramelised Pear, Cinnamon & Maple Porridge

Supergreen Smoothie Bowl with Chia & Spirulina

When adding avocado to a green juice, it becomes extremely thick and the consistency is yoghurt-like. This morning, with half an avocado to spare, I turned my green juice into a smoothie bowl. Adding oats to this nutritious super green bowl adds both fibre and protein along with your daily omega 3 kick with a … Continue reading Supergreen Smoothie Bowl with Chia & Spirulina