Eating Vegan In Berlin: Snack Haul Review

Travelling whilst following a Vegan diet can be challenging for many. Holiday’s are a time for relaxation, going on adventures, trying new cuisines and of course treating ourselves. Us plant-based foodies wouldn’t be human if we didn’t crave challenge free shopping trips where we can pick up any chocolate bar, indulgent dessert, oven-cook pizza or savoury snack without it being laden with animal products. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were Vegan supermarkets that stocked cruelty free alternatives for anything and everything, from food and drink to beauty products and household cleaning supplies?

Do they exist I hear you say?


Berlin is home to the one and only Veganz Supermarket.

And wow, did we fall in love. For us, the abundance of raw chocolate, desserts, snacks and healthy cereals had us in awe. If only our trip had been longer and we had stayed in a private apartment then we would have cooked to our hearts content. Instead, we sampled a range of tasty snacks that were on offer, stocking up for the return home also. Here is what we tried and fell in love with:

Vegan White Vanilla Chocolate 

Made by ichoc, Germany 

This was incredible to say the least. I cannot stop raving about it. Having not tasted traditional white chocolate in nearly two years, this was heavenly. In fact, better than I had imagined. The vanilla gives the chocolate a creamy and fuller flavour which enhances the taste and texture. Unlike many other Vegan chocolates, this bar does not substitute dairy products with sugar. Instead, the combination of raw cane sugar, cocoa butter and bourbon vanilla beans limits the sickly sweet taste you would experience with dairy chocolate and creates the perfect balance.


Acai & Blueberry Ombar

Made by Ombar in Cambridge, UK

This little bar of dark chocolate is made up of 60% cocoa and is infused with the tangy berries Acai and blueberry. Gluten-free, dairy free and organic, you cannot go wrong with this healthy yet indulgent treat. Sweetened with coconut sugar, this cacao packed bar is low in GI and is full of antioxidants. There to not only boost our mood, it maintains our energy levels rather than sending us on a sugar high like that of most dairy chocolate bars. The Ombar is rich and fruity leaving you satisfied after only a few pieces.


Trafo Organic Vegetable Chips 

made by FZ Organic Foods in the Netherlands

Trafo’s Organic Vegetable Chips are incredible moorish. Offering the best quality, organic and pure crisps, these heart healthy snacks are made for the health-conscious. They are baked in a vacuum oven in olive or coconut oil, with no added salt to maximise the great taste. Keeping the fat content to a minimum, these chips do not behold a greasy texture but rather offer a light and wholesome alternative.


Lovechock Raw Organic Chocolate 

Made in Amsterdam, Netherlands

With the slogan on the bar reading ‘happiness inside’ we were already won over. We knew that these bars were going to be delicious and they sure were. Being a raw bar, the cacao seeds are ground at a cold temperature rather than roasted on high. This way, the essential antioxidant properties remain and the ‘love chemicals’ ooze into our blood stream. With a minimum of 80% cacao solids, these dairy, soy and gluten free bars are also refined sugar free, therefore using coconut blossom nectar to add a little sweetness.

Throughout our stay we tried three different flavours, the first being Cherry & Chilli. The subtle heat and tongue tingling  is caused by the cayenne pepper, softened by the use of cinnamon, dried cherries and Bourbon Vanilla. The chilli is in no way overpowering, making the bar enjoyable from start to finish.

Our second flavour was Almond and Fig, a crunchy and nuttier contestant with a hint of aniseed. Lucuma & Maca seeds are added for a vitamin boost along with raisins and figs for the fibre. This bar was more in line with your ‘fruit and nut’ chocolate bar, yet more tasty, wholesome and satisfying.

Our last but by far our favourite bar was the Mulberry & Vanilla. With dried quinoa added for an extra protein-crunch, the bourbon vanilla made the whole bar dreamy. The mulberries add a fruity and tangy taste, rounding it off as a rich and creamy delight.


Oat-Ly Milk & Allos Hof Roastie Cashew & Vanilla Granola 

made in Czech Republic

We were grateful to stumble across our favourite Oat milk brand whilst in Berlin. Twinned with a nutty granola, it is a match made in heaven. We chose to try Allos’ Cashew and Vanilla flavour, made with toasted oats, wheat flakes, sunflower seeds and amaranth. Blended with organic agave and rice syrup, this tasty cereal kept us going until lunch time whilst exploring and sight seeing. The cashews gave us a healthy fat boost whilst the vanilla satisfied our sweet tooth. A must have to try and find in the UK!


Raw Bite Raw Cacao Bar

Made in Denmark

With ingredients of those similar to a Nakd Bar, I had to try this alternative. Made from only Dates, Raisins, Almonds, Cashews and Cacao, this organic and gluten free Raw bar would sure give you an energy boost. Unlike the squishy texture of Nakd bars, this packed a crunch with large pieces of nuts spread throughout. The cacao gives it a slight chocolate flavour yet the nuts seem to be the main game player. Great for an afternoon pick me up, this was another raw bar that I am glad to have tasted. The other flavours that Raw Bite offer are spicy lime, apple and cinnamon, vanilla berries, coconut, cashew and peanut.

Veganz Kokos-Crunch 

Made in Germany

Made by the Veganz Supermarket themselves, these dark chocolate coconut crunch pieces were something I had never tasted before. With an appearance like chocolate raisins, these contain organic freeze dried coconut pieces that are light and fluffy. Not falling under the raw category as many other snacks we tried, these were great for a treat or to nibble on whilst watching a movie.

4 thoughts on “Eating Vegan In Berlin: Snack Haul Review

  1. I really like Trek bars as a snack 🙂 iChoc acutally is not my favourite cos I prefer dark chocolates, but anyway – it’s very tasty 🙂 there are a lot of amazing snacks vegans can eat and for sure they are even more delicious that most of the people probably think – it’s not grass and stones XD
    I bought on VegFestUK in brighton Pana Chocolates and… omg, they are freaking amazing! ❤


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