Europe: Maxim Hostel & Absolut City Hostel Review

After nearly an hour of navigating our way around the backstreets of Budapest, we finally found the apartment building door where the Maxim Hostel was situated. We spotted a tiny sign that read 'Hostel Maxim' stuck to the keypad of the apartment's coding system and rang through. The hostel owner himself wasn't there at the … Continue reading Europe: Maxim Hostel & Absolut City Hostel Review

Europe: Prague to Budapest by Train

Unlike the journey from Zell Am See to Prague, this trip was a breath of fresh air. Our train departed at 09:42 and was destined to arrive 7 hours later at 16:35pm. We purchased e-tickets before embarking on our travels, setting us back by €42 (£30), a bargain when travelling across three countries. Unfortunately, after being … Continue reading Europe: Prague to Budapest by Train

My Top Ten Things to See and Do in Prague

10. Let's kick off my Top Ten with Prague's very own Dancing House. Created by architects Vlado Milunc and Frank O'Gehry, this quirky building was christened the  "Fred and Ginger Building" named after the legendary dance duo. The top floor of this unique build is open to the public functioning as a restaurant providing tasty food and … Continue reading My Top Ten Things to See and Do in Prague

Europe: My Top Bars & Clubs in Prague

Prague by day and Prague by night host different experiences all together. Prague had us excited indeed, what with the biggest music club in Central Europe, the quirky Jazz bars and an Absintherie. We were eager to see why Prague had gained such a reputation for it's party goer nightlife, with clubs staying open from dawn til … Continue reading Europe: My Top Bars & Clubs in Prague

Eating Veggie In Prague

There is nothing better than being in a foreign country and trying their local cuisine. Being a vegan or vegetarian in Eastern Europe can prove difficult when choosing to eat more traditionally. They are avid meat lovers, Pork, Duck, Chicken, Beef, you name it, it's being served in one form or another. Most meat dishes are … Continue reading Eating Veggie In Prague

Mojo Inn Hostel, Prague Review

When visiting Prague, we stayed in the Mojo Inn Hostel. Located in the heart of the city's New Town, we fell in love with the hostel's minimalist style, spacious rooms and vintage bar decorated with vinyls. See what we thought of our stay and whether we would return. 

Europe: From Zell Am See to Prague by Train

After a lovely 5 days in Austria, our journey truly begun as we embarked on our travels across Europe to Prague by train. We departed from Zell Am See for Salzburg at 7.30AM on a Monday morning, the train speeding through the heavy snowfall from the previous day. From Salzburg we purchased our pricey one way … Continue reading Europe: From Zell Am See to Prague by Train