Top Things To Do In Bergamo

Bergamo is a city with hidden treasures, located East of Milan. It is a must visit for Italian culture, exquisite architecture and of course incredible food. Here are my top must-see sights and places to visit when passing through the city.

Gaia Spa At Boringdon Hall Review

We arrived at 10am on a foggy Saturday morning to the Gaia Spa, located on the grounds of Boringdon Hall. Standing tall on the front lawn, expensive cars on display in front, this 16th century manor house was nothing but exquisite. I stumbled across the location on Spa Breaks as my belated birthday trip to spend … Continue reading Gaia Spa At Boringdon Hall Review

My Top Sights In Edinburgh

Without a doubt, Edinburgh is a beautiful city with a lot of character. Cobbled streets, picturesque landscapes and dreamy accents - we were eager to explore what the Scottish capital had to offer. Much like London, many tourist attractions were rather pricey therefore we drifted towards the free or slightly cheaper choices to save our … Continue reading My Top Sights In Edinburgh

My Top 10 Things To Do In Riga 

With a rough itinerary in mind and our 'Baltic States' guidebook to hand, we jumped on the plane for a short break to Riga. Having booked a modern minimalist apartment for 4 nights, we had set aside plenty of time to explore the city. From a trip to the coast to the Natural History Museum, we had a taste … Continue reading My Top 10 Things To Do In Riga 

Top 5 Alternative Sights To See In Rome

Within every city, there lies an abundance of alternative sights to see off of the beaten track. Many of which do not make an appearance in the travel guides as they may be viewed as unimportant, are yet to be discovered or are simply seen as a mere distraction from the top sights and tourist traps. If, … Continue reading Top 5 Alternative Sights To See In Rome

Travel: Historical Sights In Berlin

  Checkpoint Charlie  Friedrichstraße 43-45, 10117 Berlin, Germany Admission: Free A trip to Berlin would be incomplete without a visit to Checkpoint Charlie. It stood as the most well known border crossing between East and West Germany during the Cold War, erected overnight in the October of 1961 and torn down in the summer of 1990, … Continue reading Travel: Historical Sights In Berlin