Eating Vegan In Riga

    Miit Coffee Lāčplēša iela 10, Rīga Price: ££ This Hipster's Haven is a far cry from the traditional Latvian cafe. Situated North of the Old Town, the Vegan and Vegetarian friendly coffee house is home to numerous brewing methods. From the more complex likes of V60 and Chemex to the simpler of AeroPress, … Continue reading Eating Vegan In Riga

Raw Courgetti With A Chilli, Garlic & Mushroom Tomato Sauce

After eating my fair share of courgetti in Berlin, I found myself still craving this wonderful vegetable on my return home. Although I am not an owner of a fancy spiralizer, I brushed  the dust off of my Julienne Peeler and created the next best thing. Zoodles as some may call them, are delicious both raw … Continue reading Raw Courgetti With A Chilli, Garlic & Mushroom Tomato Sauce

Vegan Caramelised Pear, Cinnamon & Maple Porridge

Call me strange but I am a lover of underripe fruit. Be it a pear, a plum, a nectarine, peach, you name it, I love my fruit to have a crunch. Yet, when your piece of fruit ripens faster than you can eat it, you have to allow creativity to take over. My overripe pear … Continue reading Vegan Caramelised Pear, Cinnamon & Maple Porridge

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Berlin

Berlin is heaven for anybody following a Vegan diet. With plant-based restaurants on ever corner and an all Vegan supermarket located in Friedrichshain we were spoilt for choice. Check out my Top places to eat in Berlin for all of that Vegan goodness!

Dairy Free Matcha Latte

  Matcha Lattes are a great alternative to coffee. Providing you with an intense antioxidant boost, this herbal green tea powder is nutty in both smell and flavour. Still providing a caffeine boost, the dosage is a lot lower than that found in regular coffee, yet providing us with a more sustainable energy release throughout … Continue reading Dairy Free Matcha Latte

Superfood Supergreen Energy Boost Juice

  I didn't believe that I would soon give in to buying a top quality blender nor find excitement each morning in making a 'green juice' to begin my day. Following a plant-based diet, if followed correctly, can reap hundreds of benefits not only for your health but for your skin, immune system, mood; the list goes … Continue reading Superfood Supergreen Energy Boost Juice

Vegan Kidney & Black Eyed Bean Chilli With Sweet Potato

  When in need of hot and wholesome food, I always turn to a the kitchen hob for answers. Being a lover of stews and hearty dishes with a little bit of a kick, I opted for a vegan take on a two bean chilli (with added sweet potato of course!) Packed full of protein, complex … Continue reading Vegan Kidney & Black Eyed Bean Chilli With Sweet Potato

Eating Vegan In Iceland 

After reading many a guidebook about Icelandic cuisine, I was apprehensive about being able to find any Vegan friendly food throughout our stay. I knew I would have to somewhat rely on using the kitchen in our apartment to create packed lunches and heavily research places to eat out if we chose to. Arriving equipped with … Continue reading Eating Vegan In Iceland