Top Tips On Creating A Minimalist Living Space

The never-ending task of tidying and cleaning can be minimised by altering the space in which you dwell. Here I provide you with some top tips on how to create a minimalist living space and where to begin.


Bullet Journal: Why Everyone Should Have One

What Is A Bullet Journal? A bullet journal is an organisational system that allows you to do more with less. Imagine a space where your diary, notebook and to do-lists meet and work together in a harmonious way. Forget task managing apps, daily reminders and weekly planners; the bullet journal combines all of these and more in one place. The simple yet revolutionary system bridges the gap between productivity and mindfulness and will transform your day-to-day life by simply putting pen to paper.

February’s Ethical Purchases

Having decluttered my wardrobe and discarded my unusable possessions, the list began to grow of items in which I needed to replace. With 'one item in and two items out' at the forefront of my mind, I knew I had to think consciously and ethically before I emptied my pockets. Read on to see which three everyday … Continue reading February’s Ethical Purchases