August Favourites 2017

This August I discovered more delicious vegan chocolate, the hottest Mexican food going (and I don’t mean spice!) and more from Quorn’s vegan range.

Club Mexicana

Over the past few years, my love for Mexican food has grown. This month I visited Pamela, a bar in Dalston that serve 100% Vegan Tacos by the wonderful Club Mexicana. Their menu offers great variety consisting of locally and ethically sourced ingredients that are bursting with flavour and colour. Mock-fish and meat are the main players; beer battered ‘fish’ made from Tofu, ‘pulled-pork’ tacos made from jackfruit as well as fried chick’n wings made from seitan. The To-fish taco was a favourite; the batter made it all that more authentic with a meaty bite that tasted just like fish. The pulled-jackfruit was high on the heat scale, bursting with flavour and a punchy guacamole layer. The ‘chick’n’ wings cannot compete with the likes of Temple of Seitan however they were delicious. The red and white sauce enhanced the flavour and the fried coating made it all the more authentic.

You can find them at Camden market, Dinerama in Shoreditch and of course in Dalston at Pamela’s.

Seed and Bean 


As much as I had planned to make this bar last, it was consumed in one evening. That can only mean it was delicious right? Correct. For a dark chocolate bar, this was as creamy and as subtle as milk chocolate. The raspberry pieces replicated that of popping candy, small bursts of sharp and sweet flavour with a hint of coconut to balance. The bar was neither sickly sweet or too rich and made from minimal ingredients of cocoa, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, raspberries and coconut oil.

You can buy these bars in most independent health food stores, Waitrose and some WH Smith branches. Each bar will set you back around £2.69.

Organica Vegan Bars

Organica Golden Coconut Delight & Organica Hazelnut Nougat Delight

I stumbled across these Organica bars in an independent health store in Stratford, London. With a few flavours to choose from, I picked two that resembled the dairy-laden chocolate bars that I had been craving most. The Hazelnut Nougat Delight tasted like a cross between a Cadbury’s Double Decker and a Mars Milky Way bar minus the crunchy pieces. The hazelnut flavouring wasn’t overpowering but rather subtle with a melt in the mouth type of texture. You cannot tell that the chocolate is dark nor that you nougat was made from organic and dairy-free ingredients.

Similarly, the Coconut Delight is as close to a Bounty bar as you can get; gritty and sweet coconut pieces topped with a chocolatey outer layer. The other flavours on offer are; the Chewy Apricot Dream, Creamy Marzipan Dream, Organica White bar and ‘milky’ Choc bar.

You can purchase these items and their savoury items from their stockists listed on their website.

Quorn Vegan Hot & Spicy Burgers


These could be my favourite mock meat product yet! Spicy and bursting with warm flavours, Quorn’s Hot & Spicy ‘chicken’ burgers are delicious. They work best in a wholewheat wrap with avocado, Violife cheese, salad and lashings of Vegan mayo! What more could you want as a Friday night treat?

These are now sold in most supermarkets such as Tesco & Sainsbury’s. 


What were your favourites this August?

Leave yours in the comments below!

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