One Planet Pizza’s Vegan Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Review

Am I dreaming or did somebody say readymade vegan pizza?

One Planet Pizza is the UK’s first frozen vegan pizza company and is owned entirely by the community. The pizzas are handmade in East Anglia using locally sourced organic ingredients and Bute Island Foods dairy-free cheese; Sheese. As I couldn’t resist giving the brand a try, read on to find out what I thought and where you can buy one!

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Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Brand: One Planet Pizza

For: Vegans Who Love Pizza!

Allergens: Soya

Price: £4.99 +

Ingredients: Listed here

The Cheese

A vegan pizza wouldn’t be complete without a delicious dairy-free ‘cheese’ alternative. The cheese or should I say Sheese is sourced from the wonderful Bute Island Foods. They are committed to using sustainably sourced and cruelty-free ingredients including palm oil to ensure maximum quality. The White Cheddar Style Sheese itself not only looks like ordinary cheese but sure tastes like it too! From the texture to the way that it melts atop the ingredients, they sure have sussed out creating THE best dairy-free alternative.


Unlike ordinary pizza brands, One Planet Pizza are generous with their toppings. The Roasted Vegetable variety was packed with olives, courgette, aubergine, red onion and yellow peppers. The vegetables were delicious and complimented each other perfectly, particularly the olives that set the mediterranean tone.


The pizza base is made from organic white and wholemeal flour with added chia and flax seeds for an Omega 3 boost. The organic rich tomato sauce complimented the base perfectly, marrying the Mediterranean flavours of the toppings. The base and crust was crunchy and light, unlike many wholemeal bases that you may traditionally sample.


Nutritional Information (per 1/2 a pizza)

Energy 2442kj/580kcal | Fat 21.9 of which saturates 5.9 | Carbohydrates 82.2g of which sugars 3.7g | Fibre 7g | Protein 14.9g | Salt 0.96g | Sodium 376.1mg

The whole pizza provides a whopping 30g of vegan protein and 14g of fibre!


If organic and sustainably sourced ingredients weren’t impressive enough, the packaging is eco-friendly too. It is 100% compostable and uses cardboard made from 45% recycled materials.

Where To Buy

They currently have four flavours on offer; Hawaiian, Exotic Funghi Feast, Three Sheese Margherita and Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable. I sourced this pizza from The Natural Way health food store in Braintree, Essex but you can find their products in over 30 stores across the UK.

Click here to see if it is stocked near you. 

You can find One Planet Pizza here;

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram 

Check out my interview with One Planet Pizza here and see my photographs featured on their flyer below!


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