Eating Vegan In Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo is a beautiful city located northeast of Milan in the region of Lombardy, surrounded by Lake Como, Lake Iseo & Lake Garda. Just like the incredible scenery, Bergamo’s Vegan food was fantastic too! Here I share with you what we ate on our trip away, where we dined and what we thought of the food.

– Eating Out – 


Universo Vegano

Via Sant’Alessandro, 13/A, BergamoItaly, 24122

Price (£-££)



Having discovered the plant-based company in Rome last year, our first stop on the agenda was Universo Vegano. This small Vegan chain has over 15 restaurants across Italy, each sharing a menu packed full of delicious sandwiches, burgers, wraps and desserts. During this visit we sampled the Vegan Chop; a breaded tofu cutlet with melted vegan cheese, salad and mayo as well as the Veghina Lupino; Lupine fillet with melted vegan cheese, salad and mayo.To accompany were organic beers, Tiramisu, apple pie and cookies – indulgent and guilt-free.As always the staff were welcoming, humble and indefinitely serve the best Vegan fast food in mainland Europe.


Bgigi Coffee

Via Gombito 2624129, Citta Alta, Bergamo, Italy

Price: (£)



Citta Alta is known for its beautiful architecture, traditional restaurants and cobbled streets. I was surprised to find a Vegan and Vegetarian friendly cafe on the main street Via Gombito serving soya lattes and fresh juices. It was the perfect pick me up on our afternoon stroll and an air conditioned hideaway from the hot sun. Alongside coffee and juice they had Vegan carrot cake, croissants as well as homemade vegan dishes to eat on their outdoor tables. Unfortunately we couldn’t source a menu but the food did look and sound delicious!


Bio Gelato

Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII 9624121, Citta Bassa, Bergamo, Italy
Price (£)


Vegan ice cream always seems to find the way to my hand wherever I am. With such an incredible array of dairy-free frozen treats on offer in the supermarkets (scroll down to read more!) I was almost certain I could find an authentic gelato when in the city. Citta Bassa held the answers. Just a short walk from the train station, Bio Gelato sells a wide range of ice cream all made from natural and locally sourced ingredients. Aside from fruity sorbettos there were creamy vegan options of almond, dark chocolate and strawberry. I tried the dark chocolate; rich, indulgent and almost sickly sweet as well as the almond milk flavour; creamy, nutty and with a hint of marzipan in taste. Served in cups or Vegan waffle cones, this was reasonably priced and definitely a must-try!


Da Mimmo

Via B. Colleoni 17 Citta Alta, Bergamo, Italy

Price (££)


Citta Alta to our surprise was rather vegan friendly. On our first evening we stumbled across DaMimmo; a traditional Italian restaurant and pizzeria with outdoor seating and a glass of presecco upon arrival. The place was rated 6th out of 40 on Trip Advisor’s Vegan friendly restaurants with the dishes clearly labelled on the menu. On offer was a garlic and chilli spaghetti dish, minestrone soup, Tofu and basil salad as well as a quinoa & amaranth burger with fresh vegetables. I tried the quinoa burger, delighted to have a huge plate of vegetables and a delicious mayo like sauce to accompany. Although rather a strange combination of ingredients (a burger with no bun or chips), I thoroughly enjoyed it! For dessert they had a small selection of vegan ice creams and sorbets in a range of different flavours.



I believe it must be the pizza that keeps drawing us back to Italy. Visiting a pizzeria is always a safe vegan option whether you choose to order a cheese-less pizza or a traditional marinara. Whilst in Bergamo I tried the authentic Marinara; a garlic and tomato base with added rocket for extra flavour. On another occasion I ordered a vegetarian pizza without cheese that was topped with lashings of roasted vegetables and drizzled with olive oil – spectacular!

– Dining In – 

As well as dining out a lot upon our visit, we also stayed in too. We were blown away with the amount of food on offer in the supermarket that we could not resist trying some and cooking for ourselves.

Carre Four Supermarket


The Carre Four supermarket was the equivalent of Tesco combined with Holland & Barrett – vegan friendly heaven. I was completely blown away with what was on offer, in particular their chilled meat-free alternatives. Their own range of ‘bio’ (organic) products consisted of soya burgers, Arancini balls, tofu cutlets not to mention organic spirulina gnocchi and ravioli. We stumbled upon hummus, vegan cheese as well as soy yoghurt in addition to a wide range of nut and dairy-free milks. To our delight everything was clearly labelled as ‘vegano’ in addition to ‘bio’ – meaning organic which in most cases seemed to indicate it was vegan or vegetarian and contained mainly whole ingredients.


The freezer section has to be the most impressive with over ten types of vegan iced desserts to choose from! Vegan ice cream tubs came in a variety of flavours many of which were soy or nut-free and not to mention dairy-free ‘maxibon’s’, vegan Cornettos and choc-ices.


Bergamo blew me away with the Vegan options they had on offer which can only mean that the lifestyle choice is becoming more widely accepted. It is a city that I would highly reccomend visiting for both the sights and the delicious cuisine. Once again Italy, you made me feel welcome as Vegan!

Have you visited Bergamo?

What were your favourite Vegan restaurants?


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