Top Tips On Creating A Minimalist Living Space


The never-ending task of tidying and cleaning can be minimised by altering the space in which you dwell. Here I provide you with some top tips on how to create a minimalist living space and where to begin.

Choose A Theme

When we moved in to our flat, it was completely unfurnished. We had an abundance of possessions but owned little furniture. Starting from scratch, we utilised Pinterest and Instagram to gain inspiration for the theme of our space. We both fell in love with the minimal look of crisp and clean white and soon created an open yet warm living space from there. We were inspired by the Scandinavian style of white surfaces and beech wood with a hint of colour through mustard yellow furnishings. By choosing a theme from the beginning, we were able to keep in line with what our vision was and stick to a budget too.

Minimise Clutter


Creating a minimalist space comes with the act of decluttering. With minimal possessions, you can do more and build a more conscious and distraction free lifestyle. Before we worked on transforming the space, we decided on what we needed and what we did not. After minimising possessions through selling or donating to charity, we were free to start from scratch. Owning less means that you can have clearer surfaces which in turn makes cleaning a minor and more simple act. Clutter-free surfaces keeps the mind clear and a makes space for a happier environment.

Utilise Storage


As surfaces become less cluttered, you will need storage units to store your belongings. This isn’t to say hoard and hide unwanted possessions, it is a matter of creating an organised storage system to keep things in order. Ikea is fantastic for providing material boxes that slot perfectly into bookcases and side units to keep books, DVDs and electrical items tucked away from sight.

Quality Over Quantity


When selecting the items you wish to display, it is more about quality over quantity. Select items that have sentimental or practical value that add to the space rather than detract from it. Keep in line with your space’s theme and be harsh when it comes to selecting those objects.

Add Your Personal Touch


Nobody wants to live in a space that doesn’t feel like home. We may aim to replicate a room straight out of an IKEA catalogue, but in reality, we have to make it ours. We have added our own touch to our minimalist space by using a wall hanging that reflects our music taste in addition to our love for entomology and Dotwork art. The mustard cushions add a splash of colour and warmth to the room and make it feel cosy.

How will minimise your living space?

What steps can you take today to do so?

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