May Favourites 2017

This May, my favourites consisted of food, food and more food! We discovered a new all-vegan cafe, sampled Pulsin’s range of products and found amazing free-from alternatives.

The Field’s Beneath, Kentish Town


What is that delicious invention you ask? The Chocolate Whoopie Cookie of course – well, half of it! You can sample this incredible treat in it’s full form at The Fields Beneath Cafe in Kentish Town West. This delectable delight is made by Kelly at Bake It Til You Make It who I believe supplies the cafe with all of their cakes, cookies and baked goods. Alongside the sweet, there is also an abundance of savoury goods; wholegrain salads, tofu sandwiches, homemade veggie burgers and even vegan croissants for your morning coffee!


But this amazing place wasn’t always 100% Vegan. As of March 2017, the cafe hit the papers with it’s ‘ditch the dairy’ approach. After watching ‘Dairy is Scary’ on Youtube, the cafe took the leap of faith in going completely plant-based with the risk of losing many loyal customers. A few months on, the vegan community has supported the change wholeheartedly and new customers are flocking to see what they have to offer.

Pulsin Vegan Rice Protein


As I have begun weight training at the gym, I knew I needed to get my protein intake up and in a more controlled and manageable manner. After a little research online, I headed to Holland & Barrett and purchased the Pulsin Rice Protein.  Unflavoured and all natural, this vegan supplement has over 8grams of protein per 10g serving. I add this to a smoothie in the morning and my porridge as well as in pancakes or desserts. Although the powder texture is prevalent upon digesting, it can be masked by many other flavours such as maple syrup, raw cacao or cinnamon.

Pulsin Almond & Raisin Raw Chocolate Brownies


Another favourite from Pulsin this month was their Raw Chocolate Almond & Raisin Brownies. Not only are they delicious, their new packaging is beautiful too. You can buy these wonders in Tesco for as little as £1.99 when on offer and are great with a coffee as an afternoon snack!

Oatly Creamy Oat Fraiche


Before I became vegan, I always avoided dairy heavy products such as double cream, creme fraiche and even sour cream. I was never particularly interested in their taste nor in the stomach cramps that I was left with after consumption. However, the Oatly range has quite frankly blown my mind. After sampling the Oatly Creamy Oat Fraiche at Vegfest, I knew that this would soon become a staple. It’s subtle flavour and light texture makes the product extremely versatile. We have used this when creating Mexican bean bowls, fajita wraps, mushroom pasta and as a dip with tortilla chips. Made entirely from fermented oats, we still don’t quite know how they made this magnificent creation! It is widely available in Tesco and other UK stores and is more often than not on offer.

Tesco Free From Strawberry & Vanilla Cones 


Towards the end of the month, the sun finally graced us with it’s presence! Hitting nearly 30 degrees celsius, the ice cream vans were in full swing and everybody was indulging in their 99 flakes’.  Restricted to only ice pops and rocket lollies, I am always on the look out for more adventurous options in the blistering heat. Looking no further than Tesco, we found the Vegan take on the famous Strawberry Cornetto. Taste, texture and flavour – these were a fantastic vegan replica with an added chocolate core in the cone. I couldn’t believe that the ice cream was dairy free nor the chocolate. These will become a summer must-have.

Deliciously Ella Protein Balls


After winning a competition on Instagram, the team at Deliciously Ella sent me a box with an abundance of goodies! Inside was a Deliciously Ella pink water bottle, a coconut shell bowl, three almond and blueberry and three coconut and oat protein balls. The almond and blueberry are by far my favourite, fruity, sweet and packed full of goodness. The coconut and oat is coated in desiccated coconut pieces with oat flakes and nuts in the inner. Both are a great afternoon pick me up or post-workout snack.

Have you tried any of these products?

What were your favourites this month?

You can see last month’s favourites here

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