Clean Eating At The Bowl, Berlin | Review


The Friedrichshain district of East Berlin is home to the clean eating restaurant The Bowl. Located not far from the Warschauer Straße station, this plant based eatery sits above the Veganz supermarket and Goodies health food cafe. Upon arrival you are greeted by an abundance of natural light, peaking through the south facing windows, shining onto the rosewood minimalist furniture and indoor plants. The walls are decorated with inspirational quotes, quirky wall hangings, healthy mottos and of course shelves filled with ceramic bowls and mason jars. A tiny vase of wild flora garnish each table, enhancing the free spirited and bohemian feel the place sustains.


We visited this incredible eatery twice throughout our stay in Berlin, firstly for dinner and secondly for lunch. The menu, presented on a rustic clipboard, held the key to an abundance of food for the soul. Upon our first visit, whilst waiting to be seated, we sat at the bar and indulged in a glass of their finest organic prosecco. Fruity without the dry after taste, the Italian white wine was a hit.

Once seated, we browsed through the beautifully designed menu. We headed straight for the mains, gazing in awe at the array of bowls on offer to satisfy our appetites. Suited for everyone, the menu catered for falafel lovers, mexican die-hards, the Raw till 4 clique and devoted buddhists. Dying to try the zucchini pasta and pickled beetroot, I chose the Raw Salad Bowl. Served with shiitake mushrooms, seeded avocado slices and mixed greens, this concoction of wholesome goodness was topped off with a drizzle of cashew cream sauce. The bowl itself was huge, making it difficult to know where to begin. Before you knew it you had finished, savouring every mouthful of plant based wonder. The flavours worked beautifully together, rounded off by a creamy yet nutty sauce that I am dying to know how to recreate.

Sophie opted for the Italian bowl, something a little warmer and hearty. This Italian dish offered black bean spaghetti and zucchini pasta lathered in a basil infused tomato sauce topped with walnut parmesan and an avocado dressing. Flavoursome, nourishing and comforting, I couldn’t help but steal a few mouthfuls in-between devouring my own.

For dessert we chose the raw chocolate truffles to share, one piece of heaven each, to satisfy our sweet tooth. Made from raw cacao, nuts and dates, these little balls of love were nourishing and indulgent.

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Our second trip saw us return by daylight at noon for an early lunch. To warm up our insides we chose a bowl of green tea each. Brewed fresh with organic tea leaves, the grassy and sea-weed flavour is not fit for a green-tea virgin. However, being mature green tea drinkers, we enjoyed the nutty grasslike taste.

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Returning to the mains menu once more, I chose the falafel bowl. Served upon a bed of mixed greens, the sweet beetroot falafel were accompanied by lightly fried carrot sticks, roasted aubergine, a hemp tabuli salad and a miso bean hummus. Drizzled with the famous cashew lemon cream sauce, this bowl was better than the first. The falafel balls were sweet with a smooth texture, flavoured with a hint of middle eastern spices. The crunchy carrot sticks and roasted aubergine added texture to the dish and the miso bean hummus was a filling addition.


Finding room for dessert, Sophie and I opted for the white chocolate bowl. Uncannily tasting like that of  white chocolate magnum ice cream, we were in pudding ecstasy.  This beauty enhancing dish was made from cacao butter, coconut, almond butter, maca and topped with fresh fruit and cacao nibs. Towards the end it became sickly sweet yet satisfying to know it was nourishing rather than harming our bodies.

The Bowl is a restaurant I will be recommending time and time again to fellow Berlin adventurers. The staff were helpful, attentive and of course spoke excellent English. We will definitely be returning if another trip to Berlin is to be made and will remember our experience with fondness.

To conclude this post, the menu was printed with a very fitting message that resonates their logo’s symbolism. 

Everything is connected.



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